Transformational Life Coaching Services

I offer coaching services via phone or online via ZOOM  which allows for flexibility and ease in scheduling.

My customized packages are designed to suit your particular goals and needs.

30 minute Complimentary Initial Consultation Call to assess your coaching goals and to see if we are a good fit for each other.

3-Month Coaching Package– Together we embark on a committed journey to get “un-stuck” and make changes that have meaning for you. We’ll negotiate the details of how this partnership will work. This package begins with a 2-Hour Discovery Session in which we will cover a lot of territory allowing you to dig deep into your strengths, dreams and desires. We’ll move from the inside out, getting clear on the values and guiding principles that are important to you. Together, we will pair this with a big picture view of your current goals and challenges to develop a plan for coaching. In the following sessions I will listen deeply and ask powerful questions that will guide your process of discovery of new territory, open up possibilities for further inquiry and encourage positive action towards your goals.

These contracts typically evolve into 6-month contracts as we continue to do powerful work together.

Coaching Ala Carte– This is retainer based coaching for individuals who have completed the initial 3-Month Package and want to continue coaching on an as needed basis. Contract length and frequency of appointments is flexible depending on your needs.



Let’s see if we are a good match-
EMAIL ME To schedule your complimentary initial call.

What we think about, what we hold in our minds and put our attention and energy into, we actually draw into our lives. So it is time to stop precipitating the things we don’t want and start drawing to ourselves the things we do want.”
Patricia Cotes-Robles